Note Counters

A note counting machine can be a great help to many businesses, speeding up the process of counting cash while simultaneously reducing counting errors. With a large range of available features, it's important to analyze your business needs and choose the right machine to get the best return on your investment.

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iCount 2108 Note Counter -40%

iCount 2108 Note Counter

The Icount note counter machine has a unit Speed of up to 900 Notes Per MinuteBatch Count and Add FunctionsFour Digit Count DisplayThree Digit Pre-Set DisplayError Detection for half, double and chain fed notesAutomatic StartExternal Count DisplayHopper Feeder Capacity and Stacker Capacity: Up to 13..

R2,499.00 R1,499.00

Magner 30D New -14%

Magner 30D

Characteristics:                         Description:Applicable Currencies:             All currencies within size and thickness rangeSpeed: ..

R6,399.00 R5,499.00

Dolphin 570+ Value & CF Note Counter -18%

Dolphin 570+ Value & CF Note Counter

A high-quality Money Counting machine600, 900, 1200 & 1500 notes p/minuteHopper Capacity - 200 Notes (350 with extension clips)Stacker Capacity:  200 NotesError Detection:  Chain / Half and Double note detectionAutomatic and Manual startIR, UV, MT and 3D Detection    * 6..

R10,999.00 R8,999.00

Magner 152 2-Pocket Note Counter New Out Of Stock

Magner 152 2-Pocket Note Counter

This product is currently out of stock. Please contact us in order to get a quote.• Hopper capacity 500 pcs Stacker capacity, 200pcs Rejected pockets capacity, 30 – 100pcs (adjustable)• Speed 1000pcs/min(MIX, SDCMode) 1200pcs/min (CNT Mode)• Connectivity External printer/PC port: RS23..